Family dies while trying to save pet dog

A family was at a beach near California on Saturday morning taking a stroll with their dog when tragedy struck.

The family --  which included the parents, daughter, son and the son’s girlfriend -- were playing fetch with a stick when their pet dog ran too close to the water and got pulled in.

As the dog was swept into the sea, the 16-year-old son immediately ran in to save him but was instead sucked in by the unyielding waves.

The boy’s parents followed suit and all three were pulled out to sea, said coast guard, Lt. Bernie Garrigan, who spoke to ABC’s Good Morning America.  

On shore, the parents’ remaining daughter and the son’s girlfriend could only watch in horror.

After a while, the dog managed to find its way back to the shore, surviving the ordeal.

The body of the boy’s parents washed ashore later that day while their son remains missing.

After combing the ocean for more than two days, the coast guards finally suspended the search on Monday.

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