Fan Bingbing fires back at Wang Sicong

Fan Bingbing fires back at Wang Sicong

21 May - Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has recently retaliated on Weibo, over Dalian Wanda Group's Wang Sicong's post about her, Mingpao News reported.

Previously, the 26-year-old businessman and son of tycoon Wang Jianlin, re-posted another online user's post about the rising number of actresses called the "Red Carpet Stars", who are more famous for their red carpet fashion than their acting.

Wang also wrote a comment accompanying the post, saying, "I have said in an interview previously, that a star is different than an actor."

He then compared such stars with actors in the likes of Zhang Guoli, Song Dandan and Li Xuejian, and added, "It's not the same with a certain star of the name 'Bing' who can't even act and is only known for rumours and speculations."

On 20 May, the actress posted a photo from the plane online, and wrote, "The plane now has WiFi too, how advanced. Oh, by the way, on this special day, I would also like to say: You look for your dad, and I will live my life. We can consider that a self-improvement!"

This isn't the first time Wang made news for all the wrong reason. He was previously slammed by the public after making a sexist comment, saying that the most important criteria for a woman to be his girlfriend is a pair of big bosoms.

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