Fan Bingbing suffers altitude sickness in Tibet

15 May – Fan Bingbing's appearance at a charity event in Tibet recently took a toll on her health, as she suffered from altitude sickness from her time in the region.

As reported on Mingpao, a friend of the actress recently shared photos of her lying in bed and hooked up to an oxygen concentrator, saying that Fan also had swollen gums, nosebleed, and loss of appetite.

The friend stated that Fan was asked to return to Beijing in advance when she first showed signs of the condition, but that the actress decided to stay for the charity event.

Sources revealed that altitude sickness is one of the biggest health risks to tourists in Tibet and the area Fan visited is located at an altitude 3,656.

While fans expressed well-wishes for the actress, Fan's critics took to social media to accuse her of trying to gain sympathy and publicity for her upcoming showbiz comeback.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)