Fancy a tipple with your King of Fruits? How about a shot of Musang King durian whisky

Milad Hassandarvish
The whisky is made from premium Musang King durian using a patented fermentation technology. — Picture via Facebook/durianwhisky

KUALA LUMPUR, July 15 — From cendol and ice cream to chocolate and crepe and more recently burgers — durian lovers have continued to innovate in fusing their favourite dish, drink or dessert with the King of Fruits.

Well, how about durian whisky?

An ambition company aptly called The Durian Whisky in Singapore has done the impossible by turning premium Musang King durians into whisky using a patented fermentation technology.

The company introduced what could arguably be the most questionable of durian spin-offs earlier in May, claiming the spirit is packed with natural flavours and aroma, along with 18 per cent alcohol.

According to the company’s website, their durian whisky-making process begins with blending the premium grade of Musang King until the flesh is smooth and extra fibers are strained.

The paste will then be mixed with ethanol and sugar before going through the fermentation and aging process.

The result, according to lifestyle portal Rice Media, is a thick, creamy and incredibly sweet whisky.

Available only in Singapore, the whisky is priced at S$98 (RM297) for 260ml, S$198 (RM600) for 700ml while the 750ml at S$200 (RM607) has already sold out.

The company’s website also provided an explanation surrounding the myth that durian and alcohol is a lethal combination.

Citing studies by the University of Singapore and the University of Tsukaba, Japan, they reiterated that consuming durian with alcohol may only cause reduction in metabolism of alcohol and bloating, but it is certainly not fatal.

To find out more, or to try grab a bottle surf over to the official The Durian Whisky website.

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