Fandi Ahmad apologises for joke involving Sikh reporter's turban

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    Only Yeo
    My understanding is that Fandi was more of showing how frustrated he was towards the present government's way of doing thing in football development in Singapore. That results in Singapore's dropping in football standard among the SEA nations.
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    Now a days just a slip of the tongue in trouble, racist. Say sorry also no cure. Will wind up and then disappear. The old school boy attitude has gone. One slightest remark people condemn as racist.
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    Fandi's command of the English language has nothing to do with soccer. We need scorers like him not scholars. We Singaporeans are used to such harmless local jokes on each other. Fandi rock on! What you can deliver on the field is more important than what they can write.
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    Whatever happens to the school boyhood brotherhood. We used to tease about our turbaned school friends ... bayee som.. and so on. We take it in good spirit and still remained friend regardless of race or religion. How come people are more sensitive now? And Singaporeans are supposed to be more educated!
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    Sikh kids are jolly good guys. I remember they click very well with Malays and even take Malay as a 2nd language during my school days.
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    Fandi was'nt talking about the reporter's turban offensively but what would happen to the reporter's turban if he tells the truth and how the government would react.Maybe should seek the opinion of Turban Singh or Cool-deep
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    Fandi was probably embroiled with emotions and truths, wanted to but just couldn't be open with something. Then he absentmindedly and clumsily attempted for a joke but he wasn't focused and slipped his tongue. Why made everything difficult for him? An apology should suffice, be magnanimous.
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    Those are rally in support of Fandi. Let me see, if the Singh would have replied by saying, I will tell then your lady’s headscarf will fly in air. Let’s see how many of those people would support that comment.
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    Di talk street language la, Sikh over reacted la...if I tell you my Sarong will drop also. Later private I show you..
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    I have many bayee singh friends and they are all friendly, we can joke disturb each other and no problem but this sensitive singh is so sensitive.