Fans Beg Trisha Yearwood for Answers after the Singer Shares Cryptic Instagram Post

Trisha Yearwood has her fans anticipating an announcement after her cryptic Instagram post this week. Yearwood is pictured posing with her assistant producer from Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Emily Neumann. There hasn't been a new episode of Trisha's Southern Kitchen since 2020, and Yearwood has since put her Brentwood, TN home, where she hosted 11 seasons of the show, on the market. So, what does Trisha's announcement mean about the future of her cooking show? It seems Trisha's Southern Kitchen isn't coming back just yet, but with Yearwood and Neumann back together, they're bound to be working on something just as good!

"You'll never guess who I got to work with today! Neumann, my favorite assistant director EVER!! We've done so many season of #TSK together. Nope! This wasn't that but...coming soon?! #TrishasKitchen," Yearwood teased.

Fans were quick to beg Yearwood for more TSK, saying "I miss Trisha's kitchen 😢PLEASE COME BACK 🙏🏼" and "Miss your show so much!!!!!" Fans also expressed their love for Neumann, writing "Best in the Biz! @neumiepoo" and @neumiepoo is GOAT 🙌❤️."

It does seem that fans will get their wish and Trisha will be back in the kitchen with Neumann soon. Trisha told Country Living she was building a kitchen for filming in her shared home with Garth Brooks. "We're almost finished building a new structure. I finally got smart. All of my heroes have built kitchens on their property to shoot in. Ree Drummond has a kitchen she shoots in, Ina Garten has a kitchen she shoots in, and I decided to do that. Garth had been trying to talk me into this for several years about building a little structure on our place. Once it's done, we'll start shooing in the new Trisha's kitchen and it will be about a 60-second commute for me," Yearwood said.

For now, we'll be patiently awaiting Trisha's announcement and hoping it has something to do with her cooking show!

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