Fans call on Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen to remove pictures of him donning the Houston Rockets jersey

Sylvia Looi
Edison Chen has remained mum on calls for him to remove images of him in Houston Rockets attire on his Instagram. — Picture via Instagram/ edcee3000

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 — Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen became collateral damage following a tweet by basketball team Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey.

A known Rockets fan, Chen had previously uploaded pictures of him on his social media account donning the red Rockets jersey — and the images did not sit well with some fans after Morey’s controversial tweet in support of Hong Kong Kong sparked anger in China.

Chinese fans are now prodding Chen to remove the pictures, with some even going as far as questioning whether Chen also supports the Hong Kong protests.

“Houston Rockets insulted China. Please delete the message,” voiced one fan.

“Brother, are you ready to remove the jerseys from retail shops?” queried another with regards to Chen’s clothing company which is in the midst of releasing a jersey related to Yao Ming, who previously played for the Rockets.

A check by Malay Mail on Chen’s Instagram showed the controversial images have not been removed.

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