Fans Are Emotional Over Hilary Farr's 'Love It or List It' Departure

Fans Are Emotional Over Hilary Farr's 'Love It or List It' Departure

Earlier this December, Hilary Farr, longtime co-host of HGTV's Love It or List It, announced that she was leaving the show after 19 seasons. She reportedly made this decision after her recent battle with breast cancer. The star is now in remission but she says the experience made her consider how she was spending her time, and helped her realize that her creativity wasn't being fulfilled by the show anymore. Farr said in an interview with People that even the crew on the reality show were initially taken aback by this decision—especially fellow co-host and realtor David Visentin, who thought she was joking when she made the announcement. And it's safe to say that die-hard fans of the program were completely blindsided. Farr posted to her Instagram feed once the news was out, and people—including fellow HGTV stars—are swarming her comments, expressing their thoughts on the situation.

In the initial interview, Farr said she's going to be exploring other creative projects, a fact she alluded to in her Instagram post, telling fans and followers to "stay tuned" to what's next for her. HGTV star Christina Hall showed her support by writing, "Can’t wait to see what’s next ❤️❤️" under Farr's post. Visentin made sure to add his thoughts too, noting, "I will be phoning you regularly to soften your 'David withdrawal'. No need to thank me…it's what friends do. You will be missed! Congratulations ❤️." No, we're not crying—you are!

Fans have also taken to the comment section to express their love for Farr and their conflicted sadness over her leaving the show to pursue something different. "Loved the show. I will miss the banter between you and David!" wrote one person. Others are feeling the loss greatly already, with another person adding, "Noooooo 😢 it’s my favorite show on HGTV and that's saying something because I'm an HGTV addict. Way to ruin Christmas 😂." However, a lot of commenters are already looking forward to the star's new ventures: "New beginnings are cool …AND a bit scary! Can’t wait to hear!" wrote a fan.

The wave of reactions has spread across social media channels, with users on Facebook reacting to the news as well. In the comments of the House Beautiful post announcing the news, fellow fans are generally coming to a similar conclusion: Without the sibling-like banter between Farr and Visentin, the show won't be the same. One person wrote, "So sorry to see you leave. You will be missed, you're regulars in our house..." Another person added, "This is sad news, love the show, love her work and love her interaction with co-star David. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors." The comment section is filled with similar sentiments, with many people focusing on how the obvious friendship and love between the two hosts made it a household favorite.

The show will definitely be different without Farr—but different doesn't always mean bad! We're sure that whether or not HGTV replaces Farr with someone new, the show will remain a well-loved hit. As Farr herself said, stay tuned for updates on what's next!

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