Fans praise Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan daughter's beauty

10 Feb – It's the Lunar New Year, and as a tradition, Nick Cheung and his whole family would go and visit the neighbours, including former Chinese opera actress, Bak Sheut Sin.

And as always, according to Mingpao, all eyes were on the actor's only child, Brittany, who turns 13 this year.

The photo was recently shared by Cable TV's Wong Man Ling on social media, who was also at Bak's house. She captioned the photo, "Lunar New Year at Sister Sin's house. Almost a full house."

Netizens who saw the photo expressed awe over Brittany's looks, with one netizen commenting, "It seems that the daughter looks like both dad and mum. Such a beautiful girl!"

On the other hand, some also defended Brittany over comments saying she looks more like her father than her gorgeous mother Esther Kwan, saying, "What's wrong with that? She has a handsome dad!"

(Photo Source: Wong Man Ling Facebook)