Fans react to the shocking finale of 'The X-Files'

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The X-Files Season 11 finale was very intense. Especially within the last few minutes, when Cigarette Smoking Man shot Mulder!

Good news is it wasn’t really him. Bad news is it was Mulder and Scully’s son, William, whom CSM shot in the face after William shape-shifted himself into Mulder. However, a quick plot twist had Scully revealing to Mulder that William was not their child. “William was an experiment, Mulder,” Scully said. “He was an idea. Born in a laboratory. I carried him, and I bore him. But I was never a mother to him.” Mulder was devastated by the news, as he questioned, “What am I now if I’m not a father?” Scully then dropped another bombshell. “You are a father,” she told Mulder as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her belly. No, this is not a drill — 54-year-old Dana Scully is pregnant!  If you’re confused, you’re not alone. One fan tweeted:

But before the happy ending came some shocking deaths, one of which was possibly a beloved character. Walter Skinner stayed behind to take aim at CSM and Monica Reyes, killing the latter. Unfortunately, CSM managed to grab hold of the car wheel, presumably smashing the vehicle into Skinner. But whether or not Skinner really is dead is up to creator Chris Carter and a potential 12th season?

One death that fans were sure of, and satisfied by, was that of Mulder’s longtime archenemy, Cigarette Smoking Man. After CSM shot William, the real Mulder stood up and shot CMS. Multiple times.

Overall, fans generally seemed to like the finale:

And while it’s uncertain whether or not The X-Files will return for a 12th season, if it does, at least we know one character is likely to return. Spoiler alert: William survived!

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