Fans storm ring, attack fighter after brutal kickboxing KO

Kevin Iole
Combat columnist
Murthel Groehart (L) punches Harut Grigorian during a kickboxing event in Paris that set off a wild melee. (Video screen capture)

A frightening scene unfolded at a Glory kickboxing event Saturday in Paris, when several fans stormed the ring and attacked Murthel Groenhart after he’d knocked out Harut Grigorian in the second round of their welterweight bout.

The fighters were competing when Grigorian inexplicably turned his back on Groehart and began walking toward the corner. Groenhart raced after him and threw a right hand from behind that landed on Grigorian’s chin and knocked him cold.

It was a legal, though not terribly sportsmanlike, blow and Groehart was awarded the victory by TKO. But as Groehart celebrated his win, the unthinkable occurred.

Fans stormed the ring and attacked Groehart. A large man landed several punches to the face, and Groenhart said during the broadcast that he feared he had broken his jaw.

Nicky Hemmers, Grigorian’s trainer, said that Grigorian turned his back because he was cut, though he admitted he wasn’t sure why he did it.

Play-by-play man Todd Grisham, who saw many wild things occur while working as an announcer for the WWE, shared a video of the attack on Twitter that shows a better angle of the men attacking Groehart.

A review of ringside security for all fight promotions is probably a great idea after watching this.