How far can Venezuela go in raising price of world's cheapest gas?

Esteban ROJAS
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    How do I arbitrage this?
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    The Bolivar of dreams. The logical extension of "democratic socialism". Yet not a peep from Acosta, Lemon or any of the other mynah birds comprising the press of the American left.
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    Whatever floats your boat
    In 1968 I bought gas for 5 gallons for $1
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    As Marie Antoinette said during the French Revolution - let them eat oil. I saw this coming decades ago, when they nationalized all of the refiners, stealing billions from Exxon, Shell and the other companies. No one in their right mind would sell Venezulea spare parts, nor invest in upgrading their industries. It is now destined, that if we do not intercede, many people will die both from starvation as well as miltary conflict. The place is going to end up looking like Lebanon or Syria.