FAS elections: How the next leadership team will be chosen

The FAS elections are held at the Black Box auditorium at the Singapore Sports Hub on 29 April 2017. (Photo: Safhras Khan/Yahoo News Singapore)

The FAS elections are taking place on Saturday (29 April) at the Black Box auditorium at the Singapore Sports Hub against the backdrop of a Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) probe into alleged misuse of club funds.

Registration for the 44 affiliates, who hold one vote each, began at 9am and ended at 10.35am. The start of the elections was scheduled at 11am. Fifteen FAS council seats are at stake in the elections.

The 44 affiliates are made up of nine S.League clubs (including two sit-out clubs), 23 National Football League clubs, and 12 interest groups such as Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Hotel Association and Republic Polytechnic.

Two representatives from world football governing body FIFA including Sanjeevan Balasingam, regional director for the Asia and Oceania offices, are present as observers.

The voting will start with the slate. Each affiliate will choose between Team LKT, led by former FAS vice-president Lim Kia Tong, or Team Game Changers, led by Hougang United and Tiong Bahru chairman Bill Ng.

Lim and a number of his team members arrived at the elections venue at around 9.40am while Ng turned up at 10.20am.

In the first round of voting, the nine-man slate will require a two-third majority, which works out to be 30 votes, to be declared the winner. The winning team will assume the positions of President, Deputy President, four Vice Presidents and three council members.

If either team cannot secure a two-third majority, a second round of voting will be conducted immediately. A simple majority would suffice for a team to secure victory. Should the vote count be tied, a subsequent round of voting will be called until a winner is declared.

After the slate voting, the 44 affiliates will vote for one of 14 candidates who will be contesting the remaining six individual council seats. Of these candidates, six are aligned with Team LKT, four are aligned with Team Game Changers, and four are independents. The process could involve one or more rounds of voting.

The elections are expected to end by 4pm. FAS is scheduled to hold a media conference at 4.30pm.

— additional reporting by Safhras Khan

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