Fashion Blogger Of The Week: Ella Catliff Of La Petite Anglaise

This week's fashion blogger of the week is the lovely Ella Catliff Of La Petite Anglaise. The 21-year-old Londoner wardrobe is packed with Laduree colours, white stilettos and girly silhouettes - she had one of our favourite London Fashion Week wardrobes this season. Ella is studying fashion History and Theory at Central Saint Martins and has interned at Alexander McQueen and Baron Baronne in Paris. She started blogging to document her time in Paree, but now posts beautiful pictures of her outfits, interviews and fashion news stories.

Find out below how she got into blogging and her hightlights so far...

Grazia Daily: How long have you been blogging?

Ella: 2 years, 10 months

Grazia Daily: What made you decide to start your blog?

Ella: Strangely enough it was my mum's (slightly random) idea. She saw an article on Tavi Gevinson in a magazine (actually I think it was Grazia) and ripped it out to show me. Initially I thought she was being ridiculous but then I was going to intern in Paris so I thought as I finally had something vaguely interesting and fashion related to write about I may as well give it a shot!

Grazia Daily: What’s been your highlight so far?

Ella: Oooh that's so hard! I've had some truly fantastic experiences. Going on the Gucci bloggers trip to their catwalk show in Milan and factory in Florence last year was awesome. Fashion Week is inevitable fabulous and meeting Karl Lagerfeld and Phillip Lim (not at the same time, unfortunately) was pretty great. To be honest, most of it's a highlight, I feel very lucky to be able to say that about what is essentially becoming my "job".

Grazia Daily: Are there any particular perks of blogging?

Ella: Yes, many. Fashion shows, parties and other things along those lines are a pretty major (and constant) perk but the most incredible thing has probably been getting to meet, interview and in some cases really become friends with people who's work I truly admire.

Grazia Daily: Have you been to London Fashion Week?

Ella: Yep, six times as of this season!

Grazia Daily: Blog brag time: why should people read your blog?

Ella: There are SO many amazing blogs out there so I just hope that La Petite Anglaise offers a personal, unique and (fingers crossed) witty take on the fashion world.

Grazia Daily: What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog?

Ella: It's hard work but if you really want to do it, don't give up. I only had about three readers for my first six months and very nearly packed it in but now I'm extremely glad I didn't.

Grazia Daily: Which other fashion blogs do you love?

Another toughie! I love South Molton Street Style, ItsaLDN thing, the Manrepeller, StyleBubble and AlexLoves. For pure, unadulerated fashion fabulousness I go straight to Bryan Boy or Mr Blasberg... Major case of life/friend/handbag envy.

Visit La Petite Anglaise for more...

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