This fashion collection uses leftover materials from Hyundai vehicles

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Hyundai launches its 'Re:Style 2021' ready-to-wear collection using materials from end-of-life vehicles.

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is using materials from airbags, windshields and other parts that are discarded in the vehicle manufacturing process to design a whole collection of ready-to-wear clothing for men and women. Between functionality and sportswear, the pieces are offered on the online stores of L'Eclaireur and Boontheshop.

The fashion industry is evolving and on the lookout for alternatives that can help reduce its environmental impact. Initiatives include clothing rental; the secondhand market; use of new, more responsible materials; recycling; and even upcycling. Upcycling is a term that is becoming more frequently employed to describe the transformation of waste or unused products into items of greater quality -- in other words, top-down recycling. Many actors in the fashion industry are using it in a bid to combat waste and overproduction, often using fabric scraps that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage.

Now Hyundai has also gotten into the act with its "Re:Style" project, based entirely on upcycling. This fall, the automaker is launching the third edition of this initiative with an entire collection of ready-to-wear clothing designed from materials derived from automotive manufacturing. The shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatpants in the collection are made from airbags, windshields, seat leather, carpets, and seat belts.

While the collection primarily looks to upcycling, Hyundai also chose to incorporate eco-friendly materials, including bio-based PET and hanji -- a traditional Korean paper, which is found in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 -- to add a touch of comfort to the garments. "We are stepping up our collaborations steadily with various industries around the world to usher in a sustainable future....we hope [Re:Style 2021] serves as a focal point for young consumers worldwide to understand the impact of manufacturing leftover materials on our shared environment and how we can creatively and practically reutilize them," said Thomas Schemera, Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of the Customer Experience at Hyundai.

Available in Seoul and Paris, the collection is distributed through a partnership between Hyundai and two ready-to-wear boutiques, L'Eclaireur and Boontheshop. The 12 pieces from this collaboration are available on their e-shops until November 10th. The proceeds will support projects supported by the United Nations Development Program.

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