Fashion Goes Video Crazy: Olivia Palermo, Karen Elson, Lena Dunham And More Lip Sync

Fashion Goes Video Crazy: Olivia Palermo, Karen Elson, Lena Dunham And More Lip Sync

The fashion world has gone mad for videos, Justin Wu has shot a video for Vogue Paris of models lip synching to Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Do You Want To?’ at fashion month. Yep he was filming ‘Boys and Girls of Fashion Week’ for the whole month, as he took his fashcam to London, New York, Bejing, Paris and Milan.

Models leap in Time Square, sing in front of the Houses of Parliament and Olivia Palermo is centre stage lip synching in a silver beaded dress. She does well at mouthing “Do ya, do ya wanna” in the Franz fash-over. We reckon someone has been practising with a hairbrush...

The catwalk stars include Ming Xi, River Viiperi, Kate King, Fei Fei Sun, Shu Pei, Sui He, Martha Streck, Adam Senn, RJ King, and Francisco Lachowski. The boys doing backflips in white tank tops are our faves.

But Justin Wu isn’t the only one making models lip sync. Tavi Gevinson, Lena Dunham, Karen Elson, Leith Clark, Alexa Chung and other fashion darlings produced avideo where they lip sync to Lesley Gore’s ‘You Don’t Own Me.’ We told ya, fashion kids are totally into lip syncing these days.

This pro-Obama video has a deeper message than pretty boys jumping around Milan in tank tops, as it is about women’s rights in the lead up to the American election, and they hold signs including “My body is not a battleground,” and“get your rosaries off my ovaries.” Gore says in the video: “I recorded You Don’t Own Me in 1964. It’s hard for me to believe but we’re still fighting for the same things we were then.”


And that's not it.... there is ANOTHER fashion video making the rounds, as Saturday Night Live mocked Brad Pitt’s advert for Chanel No.5. Taran Killam played Brad, with an identical scruffy beard and long locks. He mumbled: “And then dreams wake up and smile at reality ... I'm sorry, is there really no script? I've been talking to myself for, like, two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane. Is it just me or do I look super homeless?"

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