Fast & Furious could've lost another star in freak car event

"Thank you, Jesus. I don't know why you love me as much as you do."

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 24: Tyrese Gibson  speaks onstage during BET Awards Media House at Quixote Studios West Hollywood on June 24, 2023 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)
Tyrese Gibson onstage at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood. (Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Tyrese Gibson was apparently close to losing his life this month.

Best known in the Fast & Furious universe as the character Roman Pearce, the actor/singer has documented a recent brush with death that left him "traumatised" and awake for "35 hours" in a lengthy Instagram video.

Clutching a miniature wooden Jesus nailed to the cross, he told his 18 million followers: "I just wanna tell you guys that I have been paused - I haven't been able to make any phonecalls, I haven't been able to talk to anyone and go into any details about everything that happened, but I'm gonna tell y'all for the first time."

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Gibson proceeded to recall a five-hour road trip with his childhood friend, who was driving his Sprinter van at the time. They'd just filled up the fuel tank and headed back to a two-lane motorway, with the Hollywood star relaxing on the backseat.

"I was in the back by myself - limousine tint, can't see out, can't see in," he told the camera.

After five or so minutes, his pal wound down the limousine-like separator glass and informed him: "'Yo 'Rese... I got pedal to the metal, my foot is all the way on the gas and the truck is nudging. Something is wrong."

So they pulled onto a grassy verge at the side of the road.

"Once the Sprinter van stopped, we got out. If you can imagine the movie Back to the Future, the entire back of the Sprinter van and the grass area was completely on fire. Literally a trail of gas was on fire directly behind the Sprinter van," Gibson continued.

In the end, they stood and watched the vehicle burn to the ground, so they wouldn't have perished in an explosion after all.

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"The only way that we got out of this van was the lord Jesus Christ created a nudge in the engine; made my boy drive and realise that he had pedal to the metal and something was malfunctioning.

"Thank you Jesus. I don't know why you love me as much as you do, but Father God you have given me a new purpose for my life. Thank you Father God for the angels that you sent. You stepped in and you saved us," he went on to pray with closed eyes.

"No-one cares about materialistic possessions, I have another shot at life!"

This comes after the tragic death of fellow Fast & Furious favourite Paul Walker, who passed away 10 years ago in a speeding car.

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