Fast and dangerous: Runaway Myvi crashes into taxi, lands in nasi kandar restaurant


SUNGAI PETANI: A taxi driver and several patrons at a nasi kandar restaurant in Jalan Petri cheated death when a taxi crashed into the restaurant after being struck by a runaway Perodua Myvi, which also landed in the restaurant.

One of the workers at the restaurant and a Myanmar national customer were injured and received outpatient treatment at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in the 4.30pm incident.

The 48-year-old taxi driver, A. Francis, said he had just joined his three friends at a table in the shop after parking his cab by the roadside outside the restaurant.

“Suddenly I heard a loud crash outside and saw another taxi spinning after being knocked from behind by a Myvi.

“The Myvi driver lost control of his car and knocked into my cab before crashing into the restaurant.

“It was a total chaos and all four of us were thrown off our chair,” he said recalling the horrific moment.

Fortunately for Francis and his friends, they escaped without a scratch but the restaurant worker, a Bangladeshi identified only as Hossain, 34, and patron, Zafor Ahmed Mohamad Islam, 50, suffered minor injuries to their leg and forehead, respectively.

Both were rushed to the hospital and received outpatient treatment.

The incident left the restaurant in a total mess as Myvi landed right smack in the middle.

Kuala Muda police chief Assistant Commissioner Md Zukir Md Isa said the incident occurred when the 35-year-old Myvi driver, who was travelling from Bakar Arang, lost control of his car upon entering Jalan Petri and crashed into a taxi in front.