Fast food restaurant to serve AirAsia in-flight meals

'Pak nasser's nas lemak,' a typical Indonesian dish served by Air Asia, will be on the menu of the new Malaysian restaurant

How about enjoying an in-flight menu without ever leaving the ground? Everyone is wondering if the new concept will take off, following the December 2 opening of a fast-food restaurant offering AirAsia dishes that are usually served on board the Malaysian low-cost operator's flights.

Coconut rice and chicken rendang, grilled chicken with soy sauce and ginger, Cambodian style fish and pineapple noodles, Filipino garlic rice... These are just some of the dishes on offer in AirAsia's first ever terrestrial restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Christened Santan and T&CO, the new venue plans to serve a variety of recipes inspired by the diversity of Asian culinary culture, like the AirAsia version of "nasi padang," a traditional Indonesian dish of beef rice and fried cassava leaves, which the company already serves on board its planes.

The subsidiary behind bringing the airline's menu down to earth is planning to open five wholly owned restaurants by the end of 2020 and 100 franchises in the next three to five years.