This father saw his son allegedly stealing a car. What he did next will break your heart.

A father who saw his son steal a car on a security camera turned him over to police. (Photo: Getty Images)

A father who spotted his son allegedly stealing a woman’s car on a surveillance video made a difficult parenting decision that “crushed” and “devastated” him: He turned his child over to the police.

According to Alabama news station, WVTM 13Edmund Randall, 20, was arrested for first-degree property theft after stealing a woman’s Chrysler Sebring at a Chevron gas station in Birmingham on Tuesday.

Upon realizing her car was being stolen, the woman rushed over and tried to stop the driver, eventually falling onto the pavement and suffering minor injuries, while the car sped off.

“It’s just sad that you cannot come to a service station and get gas and somebody’s jumping in your car to pull off,” the victim’s mother Eva Portis told WVTM 13. “But we have you on camera, so whoever you are, you need to return my daughter her car. She has a daughter she has to take to school. So you’re on camera. Whoever you are, we are going to find you.”.

According to the news outletEdmund Randall Sr., saw the gas station’s surveillance footage and felt strongly that his son, who is now being held in Jefferson County Jail, should face consequences for his crime. So he drove his son down to the police department.

Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach a spokesperson at the Birmingham Police Department for comment.

“You did this, you need to go answer for what you did right now,” said Randall Sr., who Yahoo Lifestyle could not reach for comment. The father also apologized to the victim. 

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