Father who repeatedly molested 14-year-old daughter jailed

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The 55-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the victim's identity, pleaded guilty to three charges of molestation. (Photo: Getty)
The 55-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the victim's identity, pleaded guilty to three charges of molestation. (Photo: Getty)

SINGAPORE — An operations specialist who molested his 14-year-old biological daughter on at least four occasions over the span of a year was on Monday (20 July) jailed three years and five months.

The Singaporean culprit, who is now 55, pleaded guilty to three charges of molestation at the State Courts. He cannot be named to protect the victim’s identity.

In sentencing him, District Judge Marvin Bay said, “This case, which involves your exploitation of your own 14-year-old biological daughter to gratify your baser desires, is a deeply egregious betrayal as her father.”

The judge noted that the victim “suffered intense trauma as a result of (the perpetrator’s) violations including suffering repeated nightmares and experiencing persistent suicidal thought”.

“In sentencing, the court must take a firm stand against this manner of sexual exploitation of vulnerable family members, and punishments must be accordingly uncompromising and severe,” he added.

Escalating offences

The man worked the night shift and would return home at about 7.30am or 8am. He lived in a flat with his wife, his mother-in-law, his three sons and the victim. He slept in the master bedroom with his wife, youngest son and the victim.

Sometime in 2015, the man came home from work and lay on the mattress on the floor of the master bedroom with his son and the victim. His wife had gone to work.

The victim turned her body in her sleep and her leg ended up on the perpetrator’s thigh. Aroused, he pressed her right breast and rubbed his leg against hers.

He would grope her breasts and thighs on other occasions, escalating in the gravity of his crimes over time. On one occasion, he put his hand inside her shorts and underwear and touched her vagina. He also put his hand under her shirt and bra to fondle her breasts.

On another occasion, the culprit lowered his shorts and rubbed his penis between the victim’s legs.

Victim made police report

On 6 November 2017, the victim made a police report about the man’s crimes, and he was arrested a few hours later.

The victim was assessed by a government psychiatrist to be confused and hurt about what the culprit had done to her. She had nightmares, flashbacks and repetitive thoughts about the incidents.

She sometimes also had low mood and contemplated suicide. Another psychiatrist found her to have “symptoms congruent with Post-Trauma Stress Disorder”.

The victim, now 19, is studying overseas after the culprit set aside $80,000 for her undergraduate studies.

The maximum punishment for using criminal force to outrage the modesty of a person is up to two years’ jail, along with a fine and caning. Only male offenders below 50 are liable for caning.

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