Faulty door at Botanic Gardens station due to water seepage: SBS Transit

File photo of the Downtown Line. Yahoo Singapore

The failure of a platform screen door (PSD) to open automatically at the Botanic Gardens station on 3 May was due to water seepage damaging the electrical components of one of the PSDs, Downtown Line operator SBS Transit said on Thursday (18 May).

Train services were disrupted with trains skipping the station for about four hours as engineers examined the fault. Staff also manually operated the PSDs during train arrivals, causing a delay in services.

“The water seepage was caused by natural groundwater seeping in from the space above the PSD. The seepage has since been grouted by injecting a polyurethane chemical to fill the void, and act as a water stop,” SBS Transit said.

The PSDs at the Station were last checked in September 2016 and none were found to be faulty and no water seepage was observed then, the operator said.

Following the disruption, all the PSDs of the Downtown Line and North East Line and their electrical wiring and components were inspected. SBS Transit found minor water seepage at two PSDs at the King Albert Park Station, which did not affect their electrical components, and it has since grouted the seepage.

The operator added that it is working with the Land Transport Authority on the water seepage issue and apologised to all affected commuters for the inconvenience.