When fear meets friendliness: Aussie gets up close with ‘ridiculous’ monitor lizard in Singapore

One radiant afternoon, a seemingly harmless Asian water monitor lizard greeted a man, triggering his exaggeratedly dramatic reactions.

Australian TikTok user Ricky Mack showed viewers how friendly (and cute) monitor lizards can be when he spotted one swimming toward him with a leaf on its head at an undisclosed lake.

“Is this guy going to try to eat me? Holy fuck!” he said sarcastically.

In the clip, the lizard swam up to Mack and perched up on the ledge staring with its slender eyes. It stuck out its long forked tongues several times before swimming away gracefully with the leaf still on its head.

“Bro this is fucked up … Bro this is fucking ridiculous,” he said.

The reptiles are known to be gentle and tame creatures most commonly found in Asia.

Comments mistook the creature for the more aggressive Komodo Dragon or a water “dog.”

Others adored its leafy hat that acted as camouflage.

One pointed out that maybe the lizard was just making sure no one fell into the waters.

But in all seriousness, monitor lizards are naturally shy and would rather stay away from humans, only attacking when provoked.

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