Federal Tires’ King of Nations ProSeries Happening in May

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Followers of the drifting scene will have the chance to see local and international talents as the country will host the ‘Federal Tires King of Nations ProSeries’ this May.

Dubbed KONPH2018, the highly-anticipated international drifting championship event in the world is slated at the Clark International Raceway on May 25-27.

The said event is the last round of the King of Nations Asia ProSeries 2018 and the 12th of 24 events for the 2018 international Drifting calendar.

The first event was held in Verona, Italy, in January while the first round of the Asia ProSeries was held in Thailand in March.

The event will showcase foreign drifters, namely: Daigo Saito; Davide Daevil Dorigo; Hirohide Tanaka; Nasser Almutairi; Zai “BullZai” Hamdan; Keiichiro Kadekaru; and Toni “HalfBreeds” Arakaki of Japan.

The said international drifting professionals will go against some of our homegrown talents such as Luis Gono, David Feliciano, Alex Perez, Atoy Llave, Jason Chuachoy, Audel Sison, Alvan Fowlerr, Patrick Ng, Boodie Dabasol, Luis Sayson, John Boban, Norman Wycoco, Mark Bernardo, John Lazaga, Norman Agojo, and Ralph Tan.

KONPH 2018

In a statement, AAP Motorsports Chairman Mandy Eduque said that they are looking forward to the staging of the event since the program is said to be the first FIA-sanctioned drifting event in the country. It was only last year that FIA accepted Drifting as an accredited motor sport event.

King of Nations Head Judge Vernon Zwaneveld expressed firm belief that KONPH2018 will surely be the most anticipated drifting event of the year.

“I’m so excited to be here in the Philippines. I’ve seen some talented Filipino drivers abroad but I can’t wait to see the local drifters who I heard are young and skilled as well,” he said.

The Federal Tires King of Nations ProSeries is the oldest drift series in Europe, is the third most-followed motorsport in the world according to the FIA Motor Sport Conference 2014, and is recognized as one of the world’s leading professional drifting championships, which provides a platform for professional drifters to compete in multiple events and demonstrations.

The King of Nations ProSeries is divided into groups, including the King of Europe ProSeries; King of Europe Pro 2 – Queen; King of Nations Asia ProSeries; King of Touge ProSeries; and King of Desert ProSeries.

“Created in 2012, our association now has 25 members representing their countries from all over the world. We also participate in the FIA Drifting Workgroup and act as relay between FIA and World Drift Association. Drifting is growing across the world and we want to continue to grow the right way and this is why King of Europe is the founder of the World Drifting Association. Networking is the key to our worldwide evolution,” said Michael Procureur, King of Nations ProSeries founder and CEO.

Stephen Evans, King of Nations Philippine Round Technical Consultant, said that the Federal Tires King of Asia ProSeries was their first series outside of Europe, which was established in 2015.

“This year, in its fourth season, we will return for an intense three-round competition as some of the world’s best will go head-to- head on some of the most well-known circuits. This is undoubtedly the hottest region when it comes to drifting talent and temperature,” he shared.

Evans also stated, “Federal Tires King of Nations promises to deliver an exclusive experience, combined with noise, smell of smoke and an action full of thrilling entertainment.”

Sanctioned by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), the KONPH 2018 is sponsored by Federal Tires, ST Suspensions, Remus, Autophile, Autoplus, Motul, and Fontana Leisure Park.

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