'Feed' First Trailer: Troian Bellisario as a Girl Whose Late Twin Brother Tries to Spoil Her Appetite for Life

Twins share a seemingly unbreakable bond, but what happens when one unexpectedly dies? That’s the set-up for Sony’s dark thriller Feed, which suggests the fallout from losing a birth mate can be harrowing — if not fatal — in its first trailer (watch it above).

Feed casts costars Troian Bellisario (of TV’s Pretty Little Liars; she also wrote the script) and Tom Felton (aka Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy) as superclose fraternal twins. They share the same dreams, and even have pledged to die at the same time so they’ll never be apart. That intense oath is put to the test when Felton’s Matt tragically perishes in a car accident, leaving Bellisario’s Olivia to move on without her beloved brother. Except, Matt isn’t totally gone. He pops back in from beyond the grave to coax his sister into some unhealthy behaviors. What ensues appears to be a saga of delusion and self-destruction of an anorexia-related sort, with Felton front-and-center as the specter pushing his sibling to ever-darker places.

Directed by Tommy Bertelsen and co-starring Ben Winchell, James Remar, and Paula Malcomson, Feed looks to shine a disturbing light on the process of grief — and the hazards of too closely watching what you eat — when it arrives on VOD on July 18.

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