Feeling 22 degrees Celsius: The cool weather just shows that Singapore can’t handle the cold

At the start of every year, Singaporeans go through a momentary period of coolness we refer to as winter in hot and humid Singapore.

But this year, in particular, was freezing with temperatures dropping to as low as 22 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Service Singapore aka the weather people have forecasted cool weather and rain for the entire of January due to the monsoon surge coming in from strong winds and rain clouds over the South China Sea.

The daily bleak rainy weather for the past month recorded its lowest temperature of 22.3 degrees Celsius at Newton and Jurong West. This is lower than last January’s at 22.8 degrees Celsius.

Canals at Bedok Reservoir and Bukit Timah hiking trails were flooded as a result of the nonstop torrential rains.

Today, temperatures are as low as 23 degrees Celsius and will go up to only 29 degrees Celsius. Rain also continues to pour all over areas of the city-state.

Can’t handle the “aircon” weather

As temperatures lower, some Singaporeans are struggling to adapt.

A few took cool literally and tried to pull off their thicker outfits. They even brought out puffer jackets, leather coats, scarves and the furs to keep themselves warm.

Others made a cuppa, streamed a video of a fireplace and took a hot lavender bath.

Even local personality Mr Brown’s nipples went “hard as nails” due to the cold.

TikTok users also took to the comment section to lament about the cold weather – it was a mix of self-deprecating realizations and some standard Singaporean complaints.

One thing’s for sure – we’re a pretty difficult bunch to please. Even in this beautiful, cooling climes, there are still plenty of complaints to be heard about the “aircon being too cold.”

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