Will you put your feet up this Mother’s Day?

Will you put your feet up this Mother’s Day?
Will you put your feet up this Mother’s Day?

It has been revealed that seven out of ten mums won’t get to put their feet up this Mother’s Day.

A new study from The Co-operative Foods shows that despite the 18th March being a day to celebrate mum (and be pampered by your little ones and other half, of course!) she’ll still be expected to do the lion’s share of the chores. And two thirds of mums claim that rather than feeling more special and appreciated on Mother’s Day, they feel the same as on any other day of the year.


Although 52 per cent of mums wish for a real effort to be made from their partner and children this Sunday, they look set to be disappointed.


Six in 10 mums will still be the first parent up with the children in the morning – and they’ll be lucky if they manage to lie in bed past 7:30am!

Last year, the average mum was treated to an hour and a half of pampering before the whole family tired of their efforts. This meant after being spoiled with breakfast, Mother's Day gifts and a nice cup of tea, mum then rose to contend with looking after her family in the usual way.


So what can you expect your other half to do this Sunday? Well, last year 43 per cent of men made regular cups of tea throughout the day. A further 24 per cent took it upon themselves to wash and dress the children, while a fifth did the vacuuming. And one in 10 men did the laundry – doing everything from loading the machine to hanging the wet clothes up.

What will you be up to the Mother’s Day? Will you be able to put your feet up? And how long do you think it will be before you start doing all of your usual chores?