Felda settler stumbles on active WWII bomb in oil palm plantation

Zarina Abdullah

KEMAMAN: A Felda settler discovered a half-buried World War II bomb near the Felda Neram 1 oil palm plantation here, yesterday.

District police chief Superintendent Mohd Said Ibrahim said the settler, in his 60's, was clearing the area when he stumbled on the item at 9am.

He said the settler immediately alerted the Chukai police station.

Said said a bomb disposal unit, comprising seven policemen from the Kuala Terengganu police headquarters and the Kemaman police station, was deployed to the scene at 11pm.

"The bomb, which was still active, was destroyed at 2.30pm," he added.

Said added that this is the second case of an old bomb being found in the district this month.

He said on March 12, four bombs were found by a labourer who was scattering fertilizer in a nearby plantation.