Felda to update settlers' debt statements within a month: Razali

Abnor Hamizam Abd Manap

JEMPOL: Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Razali Ibrahim today said Felda will update settlers’ debt statement, which has been the centre of discussion recently, within one month.

He said, at the moment, the settlers’ debt with Felda involved two types of debts; operational and social debts.

“The operational debts include replanting and living cost loans while the social debts are housing and education loans. The process to finalise and update the debt is being conducted and is expected to be completed within a month before the detailed statement will be delivered to the settlers.

"The total in the statements will be mutually agreed upon and if there are any objections, the settlers must prove it to Felda," he told reporters after opening the Umno branch meetings here, today.

Also present were Umno division chief Datuk Mohd Salim Sharif and Serting state assemblyman Datuk Shamshul Kahar Mohd Deli.

Razali said the debt related issues would be resolved before Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak made several important announcements related to Felda.

He said many parties, including the opposition, had tried to blow the issue out of proportion and attack the government, which has made the situation worse.