An all-female police squad is protecting the Trump family in Japan

Elise Solé
The all-female police squad employed to protect Ivanka Trump in Japan. (Photo: Getty Images)

The president and his family will have top-notch protection during their trip to Japan this month from a bada** female police squad wearing stylish black suits.

The progressive arrangement is experimental for Japan, a country with a male-dominated police force, and was established in preparation for the 2020 Olympics, set to be hosted by Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is giving the female unit a “test run” with its first VIP — Ivanka Trump, currently in Japan to speak at Friday’s World Assembly for Women — and will aid the Secret Service when Melania Trump arrives for a three-day stay with President Trump, who is on a five-country tour in Asia from Nov. 3 to 14.

The female police squad practicing for the arrival of the Trumps. (Photo: Getty Images)

“The job is to look out for any dangers and suspicious individuals at the destination of female dignitaries,” Sergeant Kawamura Reiko told Japanese media Wednesday, as reported by Newsweek. “Our aim is to be gentle and astute, utilizing the viewpoint and sensibility unique to women to ensure there won’t be any dangerous things or suspicious people at the location.”

Jonathan Wackrow, a former Secret Service agent also told CNN that the women are a symbolic gesture. “They think it’s more welcoming to have an all-female crew, and it’s not uncommon,” he said, adding that former first lady Michelle Obama was also assigned a female squad while visiting various Asian countries.

According to the Japanese publication the Asahi Shimbun, the squad will also fend off “female admirers” of Ivanka, who is considered a fashion icon and supermom in Japan, where women are largely expected to drop out of the workforce after having children.

Members of the female police squad (Photo: Getty Images)

Here’s what we know about the all-female police squad, reportedly riot officers who usually wear body armor such as stab vests. For starters, it’s impossible to overlook their chic and understated look — jet-black suits with crisp, white buttoned-down shirts, short hair styled as bobs or tied back in ponytails, and zero makeup.

“We opted for a more cultivated look to suit the occasion,” one officer told the Asahi Shimbun.

Japanese female police officers typically wear standard blue uniforms that closely resemble that of their male counterparts and differ in fabric and style depending on the season. While the same is true in the United States, female officers are increasingly given flexible options when it comes to material, cut, and size, according to Police magazine.

On Wednesday, the squad was photographed in a training session outside the Imperial Palace. An actor posing as a fan approached with a “gift” for Ivanka, and smiling officers briskly escorted her away. In another exercise, an officer played the role of Ivanka arriving in a car, while the squad practiced their greeting.

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