FHM India's nude shot

FHM India's nude shot

7 Dec – In the latest version of FHM magazine in India, Veena Malik is seen posing nude, but angled as such so that her arms and legs are covering her private parts, but the shot has raised many controversial cries among the media, according to Daily Chilli.

Further outrage was caused by the fact that Pakistan's powerful intelligence agency's initials are being openly displayed on her arm, considering her state of undress.

The editor of FHM India, Kabee Sharma, defended the cover of its latest issue, saying that the Pakistani actress, Veena Malik, consented to the shot.

"Maybe she is facing some kind of backlash, so maybe that's why she is denying it," he said.

However, Veena's spokesperson, Pratiek Mehta, denied that Veena has ever done any nude shoots and that the photo used for the cover is doctored by FHM.

For those who are curious, the cover is only a preview and the magazine's December issue has yet to hit newsstands.