Fifteen students in Seberang Takir rounded up for playing truant


KUALA NERUS: Fifteen students were rounded up during Ops Ponteng Sekolah for playing truant here today, with one of them testing positive for drug abuse.

The student has been referred to the National Anti-Drugs Agency for rehabilitation (AADK).

Seberang Takir subdistrict village head Mohd Khairi Ghazali, who is also the ops secretariat, said the raids were carried out in view of the high number of truancy reported by villagers.

He said the raids, involving 100 staff from 12 government agencies, were carried out from 8am to 11am and targeted students from four schools, which are SM Ibrahim Fitri, SM Kompleks, SM Kompleks Gong Badak and SM Bukit Tunggal.

"Two of the 15 students were not wearing any school uniforms. All of them were found loitering in several areas such as Telok Ketapang, Bukit Tunggal and Bukit Tumbuh.

"Some of the students were alone while the biggest group was made up of four students.

"The raids were carried out as a proactive measure in tackling the problem of truancy among students. AADK was involved as we suspect that some of them might be involved in drug abuse," he said.

The 15 students were given counselling and a urine test was carried out on the spot.

They were later sent to the Kuala Nerus Education Department office which later sent them back to their respective schools.

The raids were jointly carried out by the Kuala Nerus district office, the Malaysian Drug Prevention Association (Kuala Nerus branch), and the Kuala Nerus Education Department office.