Fifth dead body found in Bedok Reservoir

Ewen Boey

A body was found floating in Bedok Reservoir early Tuesday morning. This is the fifth body found at the reservoir in the last five months.

Pilot Jeffrey Nanthakumar, 31, was taking a morning jog when he saw something red floating in the waters at around 7:10am. He initially thought that it was a life jacket, but upon closer inspection, discovered it to be a body in a red top floating face down.

"I was jogging in the morning, and saw some red-coloured thing floating two metres from the bank. I decided to go closer and saw the rough figure of a body floating face down," he said.

"I had no phone, so I borrowed one from an elderly lady to call the police," added Jeffrey, who noted that there were a few other people with him at the scene, and that he probably wasn't the first to notify the police.

An SCDF spokesman said that the body belonged to a Chinese female, whom police believed was in her late 50s.

Paramedics, who arrived on the scene at 7:20am, pronounced the woman dead.

The area of the discovery, directly opposite block 717, was also cordoned off by the police. The body was removed at around 10:30am.

On 20 June, a highly-decomposed partial corpse of Chinese national Lin Xiao, 23, was found. He had been missing since April.

Last month, the bodies of Tan Sze Sze, 32, and her three-year-old son, Jerald Chin Le Hui, were found floating in the same reservoir. Both bodies were found dressed in red, and locked in embrace.

Most recently, a 33-year-old Indian construction worker was found dead in the reservoir earlier this month. An eyewitness saw him walk into the water, where he disappeared 20 to 30 metres from shore.