Fiie’s Cafe run by cranky seller opens new outlet at Toa Payoh

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from social media, it’s that your reputation most definitely precedes you. But for an eatery, any publicity isn’t always good publicity. Fiie’s Cafe (formerly As-Shifaa Cafe) flipped that notion on its head when it went viral over the owner’s stern disposition towards customers.

That, and selling bonkers fried chicken. So good that there’s now a second outlet at Toa Payoh.

Fiie's Cafe - Cafe at Lucky Plaza
Fiie's Cafe - Cafe at Lucky Plaza

The first branch, as many already know, is in Lucky Plaza and has been the subject of some controversy. As it’s a rather small cafe, the owner has been dogmatic about diners queuing before getting a seat, to the point of asserting that rule rather loudly. They seem to have embraced this reputation as their Instagram handle is @mistergrumpyfriedchicken.

Fiie's Cafe - Toa Payoh outlet

You won’t find the Toa Payoh outlet to be much different from the main branch apart from its coffeeshop setting. Perhaps less of the owner’s shouting and anxiety that comes with it as well. A Facebook user did spot both brothers manning the stall, so you might not get away with a slip-up.

Fiie's Cafe - Chicken rice

The crispy and juicy fried chicken they’re incredibly popular for is available at S$6 as part of their Chicken Rice set, along with sambal chilli and soup. The bergedil (S$1) and quail eggs (S$1) can be added on for a more filling meal. Should you choose, an extra spicy chilli sauce is also up for scoops on the side.

A few days in and Fiie’s Cafe at Toa Payoh is already swamped by swathes of people at meal times, so be at your most attentive lest the owner bares his fangs.

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