Fil-Am lawyer explains Trump’s immigration order

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Immigration lawyer Atty. Junoetia Salonga

Immigration lawyer Atty. Junoetia Salonga

NEW YORK — The immigration community has been concerned with the immigration orders of US President Donald Trump.

The order includes scrutiny of the H1b Visa Program.

H1B Visa is the main working visa permit given to skilled international professionals and international students given the chance to work and reside in the united states.

“The country of birth of the beneficiaries of approved H1B Visa petitions, the Philippines was number 4 for the fiscal year 2015,” immigration lawyer Atty. Junoetia Salonga said.

Atty. Salonga added that although only the U.S Congress has the power to amend most of what the order contains which include outsourcing workers with low pay compared to Americans, the program still has provisions which President Trump may amend.

Atty. Salonga further said that the order will affect Filipinos who are H1B Visa holders and their family members who are H4 Visa holders.

“President Obama’s administration came up with work authorization rule for spouses of H1B Visa holders, who are in H4 or Dependent Spouse Status that is a creation of the Executive Department. So President Trump, as much in his way, came up with a different rule or took out that rule altogether,” Atty. Salonga added.

Atty. Salonga explained that the Executive Order filed by the Trump administration which aims to remove the fund from sanctuary cities is an overreach that is why the federal court blocked it.

“By conditioning the federal funds on the compliance, by the states on the federal program, well that is commandeering the states, so that is another reason why the EO was blocked,” Atty. Salonga stated.

Atty. Salonga added that migrants, including Filipinos may lose their trust in the police if they were used as immigration enforcers.

“Which is in a good way, on some aspect because it will stop the hiring of foreign workers by some employers who would give a low rate rather than hiring Americans who are also deserving and skilled as well,” Chicago OFW Elaine de Guzman said.

“He has to be more precise on the directions on his going to, he has to consider the rest of the groups of the government in order to do most especially in immigration,” Hawaii OFW Emerson Calivoso said.

Immigration groups urge the communities to stay alert despite the court’s consecutive blocking of President Donald Trump’s immigration orders especially that the U.S president is determined to fulfill his promises during the campaign season. – Sonny Cos | UNTV News & Rescue

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