Filipina content creator that ‘hunts’ foreign men shares unexpected body-positive inspiration

A Filipina content creator who chronicles her dating experiences with foreign men abroad and provides tips on how to date foreign men became an unexpected body-positive star after posting a swimsuit photo while at the beach.

Kimberly Anne, who goes by the handle AFAM Hunter, usually shares stories about dating foreign men as a trans woman, as well as details about her life as an OFW in Spain. AFAM refers to A Foreigner Assigned in Manila, a term used to refer to expats and tourists that has since been co-opted in gay lingo.

While the idea of Filipinos specifically going after foreign (usually white) men can be questionable, AFAM Hunter did make a ton of sense in questioning Filipinos’ tendency to be judgmental and toxic against their own.

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This time, the creator posted photos of herself in a tankini and wrote in Filipino:

“For most Pinoys, if you’re not sexy, you shouldn’t wear a bikini. It’s shameful, it looks unsightly. But here abroad, people would stare at you if you don’t wear a bikini at the beach, because for them you should be in swimwear. No one is in rash guards or T-shirts.”

“For AFAMs, body structure is relative. There are those who like skinny bodies, but there are those who love chubby figures. They have their own preference. I may be fat, but I have never been bodyshamed by an AFAM. They [actually] will encourage you to be confident in your own body. That’s why I never felt ashamed going on vacation with them, because they’re not superficial or toxic.”

“So the next time your aunt or any bodyshamer calls you fat, tell them what do they care? They’re not the ones buying your food. Char! Kidding aside… To whoever is reading this and is ashamed of their bodies, whether you think you’re not sexy, you have scars, you’re dark-skinned, etc., you only have one body and you should be proud of it.”

“Thank you for lifting us up,” one follower said.

“I needed this motivation,” another chimed in.