Filipinos are getting a kick out of this essay-length dedication on a cake

Sure, having a message lovingly piped on a cake adds a more personal touch whatever the occasion. But when the message covers the entire surface, isn’t that a bit much?

Whatever your take is on lengthy messages on dedication cakes, you can’t help but admire Pasteleria Manila’s, well, dedication in taking the time to pipe what seemed to be a whole essay on one of its 10×14-inch cakes — to the point that it covered the entire surface.

“Yes, there is such a thing, uh huh,” the brand wrote on its social media page, using the hashtags #laboroflove, #nocharge, #anticopycats, #inimitabledesigh, and #businessstrategy in its post.

“What is this, a last will?” One of its followers joked.

“I wonder if this cake was delivered in good condition?” Another interjected.

Meanwhile, others took to praising Pasteleria Manila’s cake decorator for doing a neat job.

“Kudos to the decorator! If I did that my hands are going to cramp,” one wrote.

“Bravo to the cake decorator! You deserve $$$,” another wrote.

The post has been shared over 4,000 times on Facebook.