The final countdown: Submit your Event & Venue listings in Singapore to win a Coco Creative campaign for your business

Since announcing our directory contest a few weeks ago, we’ve heard back from a lot of you — so to all the business owners, PR gurus, plus events and marketing teams across the island who submitted event and venue listings: thanks.

We’ve heard that the density of rooftop parties and burrito bowls are key happiness indicators for our city’s residents, so it’s basically an exercise in civic engagement if we’re all spreading the word on how to find them.


Anyway, for those of you who haven’t submitted your entries yet, it’s not too late — log in with your Coconuts User account and you can add your venue here and add your event here.

You’ve still got until March 31 to submit your entries and stand a chance to win the prizes we’ve got in store. And, remember: Our directory is completely free to use.

Back to those prizes. The world of the Coconuts Directory is only going to be as good as the collective effort we put into it, so we’re putting in some added incentive to get you guys amped up to submit entries.

Basically, we’re dangling carrots in your advertising budget’s face.

We’re giving out two prizes – the first one is simple and straightforward: the user account that submits the most Coconuts Bali Directory listings by March 31 wins.

The second winner, however, will be chosen by our editors, based on the listing submission that impresses them most – this can be based on creativity, cool graphics, or impeccably clean copy. Put some effort into it, and we’ll notice!

The prize for each is US$4,500 worth of advertising on one of our city websites, in the form of a Coco Creative branded story and a Billboard Buzz 100% Share of Voice display ad unit.

With a Coco Creative campaign our creative branded content team will craft a story of up to 1,000 words, including 10 images, and post it on the Coconuts city site of your choice — complete with traffic drivers, performance guarantees, and a post-campaign report.

A Billboard Buzz campaign lets you take over our high impact billboard display ad spot for 2

weeks on one city for both desktop and mobile. So if you choose to advertise on Coconuts Bangkok, your banner will be seen at the top of every page by every visitor to Coconuts Bangkok for two whole weeks. That’s a lot of ad impressions!

Remember, submitting entries is totally free. Simply login to Coconuts as a free user and start adding your venues here and add your events here.

Here are a few recent entries:

White Label Records:

Crazy Elephant:

The Monarchy Cocktail Bar & Ultra Lounge:

That should give you a clear idea of what we want from you. Nevertheless, here are some tips for creating listings we like:

  • Use quality photos without logos or watermarks.
  • Include a description that is, above all, clearly written and useful for your potential customers.
  • Avoid gimmicks such as sharing your event details IN ALL CAPS or using symbols like ⓐṨ◬ℂ๑❛ᴗ❛.

Check out the directory for Singapore Events and Venues now, and drop us an email at if you have any questions.

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