Final Fantasy 16 on high-end PCs will have better performance than PS5, but the producer encourages users to try the demo first

 Final Fantasy 16 character holding a gem.
Final Fantasy 16 character holding a gem.

Final Fantasy 16's producer Naoki Yoshida has offered some insight into the game's PC performance benchmark.

Earlier this month, Yoshida confirmed that after almost one year of PlayStation 5 exclusivity, the PC port of Final Fantasy 16 is now in the "final stages of optimization", and that although it doesn't yet have a release date, Square Enix will be releasing a demo ahead of launch.

The producer also revealed that the PC specifications will be "somewhat high" but at the time of writing, the detailed requirements haven't been shared. However, in a recent interview with MMORPG, Yoshida was able to provide some more information about the game's optimizations.

When asked if there are any enhancements for the PC port over the PS5 version, Yoshida said there's nothing for localization but that it will have "better performance on a PC than PS5".

"If you have a very high end PC, you probably will get better graphical fidelity and better performance," Yoshida said. "But if you have a lower end PC, you're not going to be able to compete with the PS5."

He continues, saying that the team's engineers are working on optimization and testing the limits.

"We've seen some hardware getting that framerate up over 100 (fps) in places, but again, it's going to depend on the hardware that you have," Yoshida explains. "We're doing a lot of testing on that now. But the better the hardware you have, the better you're gonna see."

We've also recently learned that the upcoming port would require users to have an SSD due to the game's technical demand, with Yoshida explaining that the loading screens would be much faster and better optimized for players if the RPG is installed on an SSD as opposed to an HDD.

Yoshida went on to encourage users to try out the PC demo before they purchase the game so they can test how it performs on their build.

In terms of a release date, Yoshida couldn't confirm one but did say, "It's not like it's a year away. We're getting close to that release date, so players shouldn't have to wait too much longer."

Final Fantasy 16 received its first downloadable content (DLC) expansion, Echoes of the Fallenin December and it was recently announced that its second DLC, The Rising Tide, will now arrive on April 18.

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