Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is out this February, and I'm already obsessed with the JRPG's new Gold Saucer

 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth finally got its release date of February 29, 2024 at today's PlayStation State of Play alongside a new trailer showcasing loads of the remake's takes on beloved locations and characters.

Yes, FF7 nerds will probably be most into the new look at Vincent, but I gotta say, I'm all-in on the new Gold Saucer. Look at those Chocobo races! The dancers! That robot fighting game with polygonal-style Cloud! I'm just going to spend all my time in the minigame casino, thanks.

With the previous entry in the FF7 remake series covering the Midgar city, Rebirth is taking to what was the original game's introduction to its massive, open-ended overworld map. The new trailer seems to suggest it'll be pretty open here, too, with a buggy to drive and Chocobos to glide around on.

We also get to see some iconic story missions, like the parade at Junon, and some fresh combat featuring characters like Cait Sith. There's also a bit of gameplay with both Cloud and Sephiroth in the same party. Of course, the biggest moment is probably near the end when Vincent shows up, confirming that we'll actually see the fan-favorite in this part of the remake trilogy.

Pre-orders are set to go live today, including a twin pack with both Rebirth and the pervious game's Intergrade version. While Square Enix has repeatedly described Rebirth as a "standalone" game, you're probably going to want some context before you jump in, so this double pack seems like a good place to start.

There are plenty more upcoming PS5 games to look forward to.