Final Five Battle For Survival in Emotional 10th Episode of ‘The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition’

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The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” returned on Thursday, 20 May, with Episode 10.

With only five candidates remaining, every task is crucial. This week, the teams were disbanded for the business challenge, as Jessica, Louie, Monica, Irina, and Paulina all worked together.

Physical Challenge: Soccer With Boys’ Town Singapore

ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong met with the cast over breakfast to discuss each candidate’s journey to this point in the competition.

He then joined the candidates for a fun game of soccer with the kids at Boys’ Town Singapore.

Boys’ Town is a charity founded by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in 1948 that helps children and youth in need. Chatri is one of the charity’s biggest donors and longtime supporters.

Business Challenge: A Trade Affair to Remember

In the business challenge, Team Valor and Team Conquest were no more, as the candidates united to form one team. That also meant they would be evaluated on individual performances moving forward.

Under the guidance of Indonesian billionaire brothers Prajna and Karuna Murdaya, candidates worked together to organize a trade event for Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo) and its potential clients. They were also tasked to create a marketing presentation that highlighted JI Expo’s state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and services.

Jessica, Monica, and Irina each positioned themselves to be Project Manager. However, Paulina was selected due to her local expertise in Indonesia. The “Morina” alliance criticized Louie for staying in his comfort zone and not taking enough risks. Louie noted that the bond between Monica and Irina was very strong.

Ultimately, each candidate settled into their specific role.

Part of the challenge involved candidates going around the floor to speak with potential JI Expo clients and pitch to them individually. At the end of the event, clients voted for the candidate who they thought displayed the best sales skills.

Clients included Jessica Felicia Anwar, Director at Barre 2 Barre and Seriously Keto, Althea Lim, Group CEO of Gushcloud International, Chris Ang, Vice President of Three Angles Group, Carlos Alimurung, CEO of ONE Esports, and more.

Judges thought the event’s execution was mediocre, and Karuna likened the overall marketing effort to a high school presentation. Chatri wasn’t impressed at all.

In the individual sales portion, Irina was aggressive with her rapport building, but she was also too one-sided in her delivery. Niharika thought Paulina lacked energy and enthusiasm. Chatri said Louie was flat, while Karuna said he appeared nervous and stiff. Prajna said Monica did well but was too authoritative in her pitching.

Meanwhile, everyone praised Jessica for her sales ability, and she stood out for engaging with clients on an emotional level. Karuna said she was a natural.

The Boardroom

In the boardroom, Chatri congratulated the top five for making it this far in the competition. But he also said the event was “super boring and dry,” and that he was disappointed the team took the safe path with a stereotypical corporate presentation.

Irina noted that Jessica did most of the team’s work and that Louie didn’t do enough outside of his designated responsibilities. In a rare display of emotion, Louie lashed out at his fellow candidates for not allowing him to assist in other areas because they didn’t want to take risks.

Irina finished last in the individual sales segment, receiving zero votes from clients, while Jessica emerged as the winner with the most votes. However, Chatri said he didn’t know Jessica well enough because she was too guarded. Jessica replied that she had not opened up because she had never been in the bottom three.

Niharika blamed Paulina for leading the team to failure and said the concept wasn’t thought through enough. She was also surprised by how the oft-reserved Louie was now openly attacking other candidates.

In the end, Paulina took the blame for the team’s failures and chose to bring Louie and Irina with her to the chopping block. After another emotionally charged round of dialogue with the candidates, Chatri and Niharika eliminated Paulina from the competition.

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