Finance sector posts 12% more jobs online in Q2


There was an increase of more than 350 unique online jobs.

The latest report from JobTech revealed that there is an increase of more than 350 unique online jobs in the Singapore banking & finance sector in the second quarter of the year, over the 2,800 sector online jobs captured in 1Q17.

According to the group, the growth in hiring appetite for 3 consecutive quarters since 4Q16 reveals a general upturn in the said sector; a pattern of steady growth was also observed from the number of online jobs between April and June 2017, with April recording the lowest and June recording the highest number of online jobs in the 2Q period.

"JobTech’s Predictive analytics anticipates that the hiring growth will continue for the rest of the year," it said.

The study noted that there are five most popular technology job roles in the Banking & Finance sector. These roles are Technical/Operational Support Engineers, System Analyst, Software & Multimedia Developer, IT Security Specialist and Data Analyst/Scientist.

"In general, across the entire Banking & Finance sector, over 30% of the online jobs seek candidates with proficiency in Microsoft Office skills; in particular, mastery of Microsoft Excel makes up close to 50% of the statistics. Other highly sought-after skills include: Sales, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Attentiveness to Details (Meticulous), Team Player mentality and appreciation of Science and Technology," it noted.

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