Financial woes, dwindling business end actor Boy Iman's eight-year marriage

Tan Mei Zi
Boy Iman and Kumala were married for more than eight years before deciding to part ways. — Picture from Instagram/datoboyiman_dbi

PETALING JAYA, Aug 16 — Actor Boy Iman has confirmed that he and his wife Kumala Dewi Anas have officially parted in April earlier this year.

Boy, whose real name is Datuk Dr Noruliman A. Rahman, confirmed the divorce in an Instagram post and confessed that he and Kumala initially struggled to accept the “bitter” reality of their separation.

In an interview with Malay portal mStar, Boy Iman did not deny that financial troubles and a failing business venture were among the causes for the split.

Accusations in 2017 painted him as the mastermind behind an affordable housing scam through the company DBI Homes but Boy Iman was quick to label the rumours as “slander.”

He emphasised that these were not the main reasons that influenced the recent decision to divorce.

“I do not deny that the breakdown of our marriage was due to problems related to my business but it was not the root cause.

“What couple wants to divorce? We tried to face this issue calmly for the sake of our kids.

“Maybe it’s our tendency to act on feelings first that became the main reason for this split,” he was quoted as saying.

Boy Iman added that he and Kumala have split up twice previously, in 2015 and again in 2017, but had reconciled on both occasions.

Despite the marital hardships, Boy Iman says there’s no bad blood between him and his ex-wife and they continue to celebrate festive periods like Hari Raya together as a family.

The couple were married in November 2011 and have a six-year-old son together and a 19-year-old daughter from Kumala’s previous marriage.

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