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Have you ever wondered what colors truly look good on you? It’s been a big topic lately — especially on TikTok, where people have been using filters to figure out which seasonal color palette flatters them the most. Even though these filters can be a handy tool, there’s still a lot of guesswork involved when you try to do a color analysis on your own. So in this installment of Pretty Beautiful, beauty and style expert Lisa Azcona consults an expert to learn more about color analysis.

After getting her own personal color analysis by Fernanda Vásquez at House of Colour in Brooklyn, New York, Lisa learned that she is a “winter,” rather than an “autumn” like she had previously believed. Back in the Pretty Beautiful studio, Lisa and Fernanda sit down to discuss color analysis further.

“Personal color analysis is a way to discover the colors that flatter you the most,” Fernanda explains. “Essentially, everything that you surround yourself with has a color — from the color of your hair if you choose to dye it, obviously your makeup, which is super important because it’s on your face, your jewelry and accessories, and obviously the colors that you wear. Everything you surround yourself with has a color, and it has the potential to impact you and make you look better.”

Credit: In The Know by Yahoo
Credit: In The Know by Yahoo

Do filters work for color analysis?

While TikTok filters are fun to play around with, Fernanda says that they’re not an accurate color analysis. During an actual color analysis, you need to determine the impact of the light reflected from the color you’re wearing on your face — which can’t be seen digitally.

A color subdivides in two different ways: Warm versus cool, and softer versus brighter. These are the properties that Fernanda looks at when determining which colors flatter a person the most.

How does jewelry help analyze color?

“One of the key things in color analysis that we use during the appointment is the fact that our brains perceive colors differently, depending on the other colors that surround them,” Fernanda says. “So because of that, one of the things that we demonstrate is whether gold harmonizes better with yellow-based colors, and silver harmonizes with blue-based colors.”

Fernanda points out that everything we wear has a color, so everything must be discussed when analyzing your perfect palette.

How does a color analysis session work?

Fernanda demonstrates how she performs a session, using Lisa as an example.

1. Come prepared to try out colors

To start out, Lisa has to have no makeup on her face and wear a shirt that sits below her neckline so that it can easily be covered with color swatches.

2. Compare single colors in varying shades

The first thing Fernanda does is drape Lisa with a warm green swatch, compared to a cool green swatch. She points out how much better Lisa’s complexion responds to the cool shade — her eyebrows look fuller, the color of her hair looks richer and she looks more well-rested.

3. Try out more colors

Next, Fernanda does the same experiment using different colors — first a warm shade of pink, then a cool shade of pink. And with each color, she demonstrates how right away it’s clear that Lisa looks more lively in cool shades.

“She looks best in the bright, clear colors of winter,” Fernanda explains.

Credit: In The Know by Yahoo
Credit: In The Know by Yahoo

4. Put on makeup in your personal palette

Fernanda puts a little bit of makeup on Lisa in the colors of her winter color palette. Just like with the swatches, these colors perfectly highlight Lisa’s features.

5. Create your color palette

Now that Lisa’s palette has been determined, Fernanda drapes her with her “wow colors” — those that help her look her best. Lisa gets a fan of swatches with these colors that she can take shopping to make sure she’s picking colors in her personal palette.

Understanding color analysis is a very visual process, so watch the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful below to see how Fernanda demonstrates her methods with swatches and examples.

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