Finland announces new TNT plant with allies as Europe faces ammo crunch


Finland is set to construct a new TNT production facility to address the current shortage in Europe, Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkänen announced on May 5, according to Yle.

TNT, a key explosive used in artillery and mortar shells, has seen a spike in demand across the West due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, now in its second year. Europe's TNT supply is nearing critical levels.

The only TNT plant in the EU is located in Poland, but its production volumes are insufficient to meet demand, Yle reports.

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According to Häkkänen, the construction of the TNT plant will be a joint project with Finland's allies.

The defense minister also emphasized the importance of "quick decisions" regarding the construction of the plant.

"Decisions must be made now so that the products can be released in a year or two," Häkkänen said.

TNT production plays a significant role in Russia's war against Ukraine, he added.

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"The loser is the one who runs out of ammunition and raw materials first. The one who has enough of it can win the war," Hakkänen said.

In March, the EU allocated 32.5 million ($35 billion) euros to Finland for the production of ammunition. In December 2023, the country's Ministry of Defense allocated about 24 million euros ($25.8 million) for domestic production.

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