How Firefox is optimizing the user experience for web users

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Mozilla Firefox 89

The latest update of the Firefox browser (89) presents a completely revised interface following a usage study of users. The result is a streamlined version focused on the most frequent uses.

The new Firefox is faster and more streamlined. It was designed based on the behavior of the browser's users. Mozilla's teams analyzed some 17 billion clicks to determine which features are most used, but also which are most abandoned. Using this information as a basis, they developed a kind of tailor-made browser to satisfy everyone (or almost everyone).

The design was consequently lightened and some elements removed, such as alerts and various intrusive messages. The tabs have been redesigned so that they display certain visual indicators, such as blocking video playback, which is now automatic as long as the tab is not being accessed. Note that the mobile version for iOS is also undergoing a serious facelift.

Mozilla also outlines some of the amusing behaviors it discovered. Canadians are the most efficient users with an average of more than 12 keyboard shortcuts and 19 right clicks per user per month. With an average of 93 clicks per user, the French are the ones who click the most in the browser. On the other hand, the British are the ones who open the most tabs, with 7% of them accumulating 16 or more. On the other hand, more than 60% of Indians do not open more than three tabs at a time. Finally, Americans like to go into their settings and customize their browser the most.

Will these changes allow Firefox to reach a new audience? For years, the market share of the browser has been declining, to only 7.36% worldwide (on computers) according to Statcounter.

David Bénard

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