Firemen free student stuck in school chair in Brunei

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A picture of a boy stuck in a chair in Brunei while being freed by firemen.(PHOTO: Facebook / BFRD - Brunei Fire Rescue Department)
Firemen used a hydraulic cutter to free the 13-year-old student who was stuck in a chair. (PHOTO: Facebook / BFRD - Brunei Fire Rescue Department)

A 13-year-old student in Brunei found himself stuck in a school chair on Saturday (2 July) and had to be freed with the help of firemen.

The Brunei Fire and Rescue Department said in a statement that it received a call for help about the incident at Sekolah Ugama Semaun at 3.33pm.

Firemen from Sungai Kebun Fire Station arrived to find part of the student's body stuck in the wooden chair that had a metal frame.

The rescuers used a hydraulic tool to cut part of the chair's frame to free the victim, who escaped from the incident without injury.

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