Firm asks for time to refund condo residents

By Anith Adilah

KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 — A property management company in Ampang, Hokawai and Associates, has pleaded for time after it was served with a writ of seizure and sale of its property by a court bailiff yesterday.

This follows the company’s failure to settle debts of nearly RM200,000 to residents of Pertiwi Indah Condominium in Taman Maluri, following a High Court judgment in April last year.

A member of the condominum’s management committee, Chen Min Har, said the episode began in 2014 when some residents noticed monthly maintainence payments not reflected in account statements although “official receipts” were issued.

“When we asked them, they never got back to us, so we decided to discontinue paying the maintenance fees until they explained where the money went,” she told Malay Mail

“After discussion, they consented to relinquish their post as the management body.” 

Chen said the company’s owner, Hoo Hee Ooi, filed a suit against the residents for the outstanding payments, which the residents counter-sued. The court ruled in favour of the residents on April 25 last year.

A year later, the company still had not made any payment to the residents.

The lawyer representing the residents, Harmesh Singh, said: “The court ruled against the defendants and they should comply. But it has been a year. So I advised my client to enforce the judgment through this method. 

“By executing the writ, the plaintiff can seize the defendant’s property and auction it to offset the judgment sum.”

Court bailiff Mohd Azmin Saberi and Harmesh went to the office in Excella Business Park at 1pm yesterday to execute the writ.

However, following a discussion with the company’s managing director, it was decided the writ would not be served after the company pledged it would settle the debts within a year.

Harmesh said the plaintiff would not withdraw the execution of the writ until full settlement was made. 

“They just want their money back. Until they do, the writ will not be withdrawn. We have one year to serve the writ, so we will see what is the company’s next move is,” he said.

Chen said this should act as an eye-opener for other management bodies who collected fees from residents.

She hoped it would prompt other Joint Management Bodies to take action against errant companies instead of keeping quiet.