Fish at Perak farm being fed pig flesh, sold at wholesale markets


IPOH: Freshwater fish being reared in a pond located on a five-hectare site in Kuala Dipang, Kampar, are believed to be fed with pig flesh and carcasses.

The Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) stumbled on the practice in an operation yesterday.

JAIPk Halal Management Unit assistant director Yusri Abdul Rani said pig bones and traces of its flesh were found around the pond.

"We had to pass through three blockades, as it was a restricted area but the property owner seemed to have expected our visit as he managed to flee before we arrived.

"They also tried to demolish the site, which is said to be a disposal site for pig carcasses, when they heard we were coming," he said.

According to Yusri the fish pond, which rears several fish species including 'patin', 'rohu' and 'tilapia', was a former mining pool and had been operating for over five years.

"We believe the fish are being sold around Perak and at the Selayang wholesale market in Selangor and we want consumers to be more careful when buying these fishes," he said.

"Due to greed, the farmers were willing to break the law and offend religious sensitivities," he added.

Meanwhile, Perak Fisheries Department director Dr Bah Piyan Tan said checks revealed that the fish farm was never registered under the Fisheries Department and had been operating illegally.

He said following the discovery, the department will send samples of the fish to the laboratory in Kuala Lumpur for analysis soon.

"The outcome will be known in a few weeks," he said. -- BERNAMA