Fishermen Rescue Leatherback Turtle Off Irish Coast

A leatherback turtle was rescued in the waters near Wexford, Ireland, by a group of fishermen after it was caught in a buoy line from their vessel as the crew hauled in their gear. Mel Birchall captured the video on October 06.

The turtle got caught in a buoy line while it was feeding on a jellyfish, according to a report from the Irish Sun. The video shows crewmembers reeling in the turtle and untangling it from the line. Once free, the animal swims away from the ship.

Birchall told Storyful she has worked in Wexford in commercial fishing for ten years. She captured the video while aboard the Mfv MEL.

Leatherbacks reportedly visit the Irish coast when jellyfish are abundant. Credit: Mel Birchall via Storyful